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Music, technology, upcycling and inventing. SKROT is a musicgroup from Sweden that build, invent and play concerts on new musical instruments made out of different kinds of recycled materials. SKROT’s scrap music instruments opens the doors to the world of musical instruments and the instruments become visible as the amazing inventions they are.

We do:Concerts and Workshops -Music-lab About the concerts: Live music and sounds played by the musicians, as well as sounds and music made by the audience who can participate and interact. We play on instruments that we have designed and it is obvious that we have built them, some of the instruments are quite unusual…

The concerts are almost like an instrument-building education and for every musical instrument group we find, we try to finish our music machine on stage. We try to fit all of the instruments and finally we find the last piece of the puzzle and the music machine comes to life.

For example these instruments: road cone tuba, scrap clarinet, telescopic saxophone, rubber glove bagpipe, foonki, pvc pipe flutes, drain pipeophone, watering can guitar, shovel guitar hank drums etc.

When Skrot play our genres are: world/folk music, jazz / improvisation, early music / classical music.scrapmusic with traditional swedish folkmusic, balkan, rock, ambient etc We also like electronic instruments and loops. We often loop both sounds from the audience and from us. And we also made some electronic instruments.

About the workshops: SKROT music lab For all curious and inventive children, families and adults.

The Music lab is a place for music-making and music experimentation . Musical-instrumentbuilding with arts, crafts and technology in a tinkering-workshop. Come build, play and try out music instruments, made from recycled materials and everyday objects. You can invent a new musical instrument and play it together with Skrot.


Skrot tries to approach new instruments like children do, without prejudice and with great curiosity. In that way musical instruments becomes something that anybody can build and play. Just go and start inventing and making your own instruments. ”-With enough knowledge, you can build any musical instrument.” “It’s imagination and fantasy that makes you see that a vegetable, a plastic tube or a bone from a mammoth can be turned into a flute. ”(Quote SKROT) The concert fits most ages from preschool and older, it´s great fun for the hole family!

You can choose between having only the concert or the workshop/musiclab, or you can have both. We will come with two to five musicians depending on the conditions: Anna Cederquist, Martin Harborg, Hans Nilsson, Anders Björkqvist, Marcus Lundgren. / Contact Anna Cederquist and Martin Harborg


Music made of scrap

Technology – Upcycling and inventing. Concerts – Workshops – Music Labs

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